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Why should you file a lawsuit?
A civil lawsuit is sometimes the very last thing a sexual abuse survivor, or his or her family, wants to get involved in. The trauma of the abuse, followed by a criminal court case, can wreak havoc on all members of the family, not just the abuse survivor.
There are good reasons to file a sexual abuse lawsuit.
However, in the long run, a lawsuit can bring a sense of justice, closure, and peace to survivors of abuse and their families. It is a way to acknowledge your suffering and reduce it through monetary compensation. This helps alleviate the financial costs of recovery from sexual abuse, including care from doctors and mental health professionals.
A civil case can help prevent further abuse.
When the abuse was enabled by an institution, like a school or church, it is important that the institution be held responsible, and the only way to do that is through a civil lawsuit. When institutions are held financially responsible for allowing abuse to occur, it is much more likely that they will take steps to prevent further abuse from occurring in the future.
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From our first sexual abuse case over twenty years ago, we’ve successfully resolved many sexual abuse cases in California. We are highly skilled and committed Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyers who are here to help. Below you’ll find a list of some of the sexual abuse verdicts and settlements we’ve obtained for our clients.

A sexual abuse claim will cost you no out-of-pocket expenses. Our compensation is based on the recovery we obtain.

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